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Are You Considering Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy can be a powerful tool for people deep in debt or facing a financial crisis. But it won’t help everyone in every situation. Here you can find out information on what Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy can and cannot do, including which debts will be wiped out, which will remain, and what happens to your property, like your car and home. We’ll also take you through a typical bankruptcy case, discuss eligibility rules, and outline the pros and cons of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, so you can decide which (if any) is best for you. To get started, visit our Bankruptcy Information area.

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Along the way, you’ll have access to local bankruptcy lawyers with just a click of the mouse. And for more in-depth information about bankruptcy, or help filing bankruptcy on your own, you can turn to one of Nolo’s trusted bankruptcy books.

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For primers on common bankruptcy issues, the latest news in the debt and bankruptcy world, and updates on foreclosure issues across the country, check out our Bankruptcy, Debt & Foreclosure Blog.

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